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Shuffle +

Shuffle +, simply put, is the best way to listen to music on your iOS Device. Start with all songs or a specific playlist and swipe through upcoming songs in shuffled order while listening to your current song! Create an ad-hoc playlist by removing songs from your upcoming queue and rediscover the music listening experience with user-customizable gestures.

Travel Time

Travel Time is the simplest way to instantly figure out how much time is left on your trip. Perfect for planning your next road trip, as well as calculating your running pace and other quick calculations. You might still get asked "are we there yet?", but at least they can learn how to figure it out.

Who We Are

JM Apps was started in April 2009 as a collaboration between three friends from unique backgrounds (business, graphic design, and computer science). Driven by a common passion for technology, JM Apps strives to create useful mobile applications for everyday use.

With over 15,000 downloads of "Travel Time" and the successful launch of "Shuffle +" JM Apps is always looking to improve the mobile experience. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions for new apps! - Jason, Marc, and Joe